The Rest Is History Returns: Book Launch

Book Tour

Event Dates

Tuesday, 17 Sep

Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Thursday, 19 Sep

New Theatre, Oxford

Join us this September for "The Rest is History" book tour in Cambridge and Oxford!

The year is 2024 and the legendary historians and top-charting podcast hosts of The Rest is History, Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook are back as they delve into the past to unravel its links to the present with their new book, The Rest Is History Returns.

In conversation with a special guest, Tom and Dominic will present new various alphabetical miscellany, tackling some of history’s most fascinating and quirky moments! Charge forth against the traitors of the American Revolution, journey through Baghdad to uncover the origins of the Arabian Nights, and head to Sicily to witness the first epic showdown between Carthage and Rome.

During the evening Tom and Dominic will ask the questions you never thought to ask:

– Who was Jesus’s wife?
– What would it have been like to live-tweet through the eruption of Vesuvius?
– Why did the Romans inspire so much American science fiction?
– Which Mitford sister tried to seduce her girlish crush, Adolf Hitler?
– What are history’s top 10 monkeys?
– Was Henry V’s great-grandfather, Edward III, the biggest ‘lad’ in British history?

With a opportunity to ask your own questions, don’t miss this chance to dust off your tricorne hat, grab your lasso and get ready for a rollicking rollercoaster through the past.

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