Event Dates

Monday, 5 Aug

Glee Club, Birmingham

Tuesday, 6 Aug

O2 Academy Glasgow

Wednesday, 7 Aug

Glee Club, Cardiff

Friday, 9 Aug

17:00 PM

New Century, Manchester

Friday, 9 Aug

19:00 PM

New Century, Manchester

Saturday, 10 Aug

Bush Hall, London

Sunday, 11 Aug

The Junction 1, Cambridge

Tuesday, 13 Aug

The Clapham Grand, London

Wednesday, 14 Aug

Theatre Royal, Brighton

Thursday, 15 Aug

The Forum, Bath


“I’m utterly delighted to be heading toward the UK! There’s nothing quite like an English summer, surrounded by all that jolly humour and Pimm’s. I’m a hugger, so look out, Old Blighty!”- Lucinda Light ✨

Lucinda Light shines as a radiant beacon of love and light, dedicated to sharing her compassionate heart and profound insights on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). A true polymath, Lucinda excels in various roles, including Creative Producer, Holistic Counsellor, Marriage Celebrant, Justice of Peace, Public Speaker, and MC. Her infectious zest for life has garnered her the title of Married at First Australia’s season 11 breakout star.

Born on the day of the storyteller, Lucinda is deeply committed to sharing her own wild-hearted journey and the insights it’s taken to develop her own EQ. Lu values and practices kindness, conscious communication, inclusivity, empathy, and forgiveness, infusing the path with humour and free-spirited expression. Lucinda’s unique personality shines through in all her endeavours.

Currently residing in the tranquil coastal village of Aireys Inlet, nestled by the lighthouse along the stunning Great Ocean Road in Australia, Lucinda finds inspiration in family, adventure, self-development, and creativity. Alongside her thriving business, she actively supports charitable causes, embodying her deep-rooted hope for humanity’s brighter future.

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