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For the twin creative forces driving SIIGHTS, everything comes back to authentic connections. It’s there in the effortless interplay between Dublin songwriter, multi-instrumentalist/producer Mia Fitz and Glaswegian songwriter, guitarist Toni Etherson, in the seamless vocal harmonies that characterise their soaring work together, and in the close bond they’ve forged with listeners thanks to their refreshing lyrical candour.

Less than 12 months on from latest collection Somewhere Between Lost & Found, the Lana Del Rey-approved pair are more in sync than ever and pushing their powerful guitar driven alt-pop into bold new territory with a pair of ambitious sister projects. Set to arrive in early 2024, Through Thick and Thin will be the first instalment: a five-track EP that sets themes of growth, empowerment and self-acceptance to some of the most indelible melodies of SIIGHTS’ story so far.

As per all their previous work, this latest chapter was self-directed. Written, performed and produced by the duo in early 2023 – in-between dates opening for Dylan – both EPs were created between NYC, LA, Stockholm, London, as well as at Mia’s home studio in Dublin. “We’ve really been getting into the guts of our songwriting,” Toni enthuses. “And there’s something so freeing and genuine in embracing exactly what it is we want to say.” Mia nods in agreement: “also sound-wise, our original folk and rock influences are starting to come through, probably more now than ever.”

Their debut EP arrived in early 2020, just weeks before lockdown. Though the timing was unfortunate, the ensuing period of enforced isolation ultimately gave Mia and Toni the breathing space to solidify SIIGHTS’ artistic vision, as evidenced on their superb second collection, Somewhere Between Lost & Found. Preceded by the infectious, HAIM-esque single ‘Fake It’ – which landed in the top 20 of Popjustice’s Top Singles of 2022 – the EP arrived in April 2023, and was characterised by a stark emotional vulnerability. That approach was perhaps best exemplified by ‘Deeper Waters’, an emotive yet epic track inspired by Mia’s grandfather’s passing.

Through Thick and Thin digs deeper still, setting ideas of mortality, personal growth and self-care to a deceptively uptempo, guitar driven pop palette. “While the subject matter of some songs is quite heavy, the energy is actually very upbeat,” Toni explains. “Playing live so much this year gave us so much inspiration for how to bring a show to life, while still having those moments of kind of intimacy.”

Forthcoming single ‘Miss You’ provides the perfect introduction to this approach. Laying bare feelings of grief, its driving, MUNA-esque melody cocoons painful confessions like, “I don’t know how to face each day without you.” ‘Fragile’ is similarly frank, acknowledging ideas of mortality and emphasising the importance of being mentally present, while being backed by buoyant, 80s-inspired synths and a Motorik rhythm.

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