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This self-motivation is a big reason why Nemzzz has risen so fast through the
competitive ranks of UK Rap. A laidback cadence and frank observations give his
music a relatable core, sure, but any emotional heaviness is avoided by Nemzzz’
wicked sense of humor. Amid the electric relaxation of “Elevate”, for example, he
jokes, “Don’t ask about my ex that’s long like some Limo”, while the warped drill
bassline of “ABC” and a guttural beat that uses a muffled silenced pistol for
percussion, sees Nemzzz spit an even more hilarious bar: “I would slap man up,
but that’s animal cruelty.”

With these withering punchlines, he has a habit of making his enemies feel three
feet tall, but it’s fair to say the message that tends to prevail is one of going down
the righteous path (“I don’t do roads / I ain’t trying to be in jail” is the inspiring
mission statement of “Pull Up”) and hustling creatively to better your situation.
The Manchester rapper hopes to lead a sea change in what topics emcees are
talking about. “I feel like what’s happening on social media is becoming very bad
for people’s mental health,” he explains.

“If a rapper only talks about Birkin bags for TikTok, then that makes their listeners
feel pressured to find the money to get one themselves. Yes, you might hear me
spit about spending 100 grand, but that’s to show the people at the bottom that
it’s possible. I got offered £2m by a label, but I turned it down as I knew my
worth. I’m very big on leverage and showing people that there’s never a rush to
say yes to anything.”

To paraphrase a line on “FYP” (the crown jewel of his 2023 EP, NEMZZZ TYPE
BEAT), the artist likes the ones who don’t brag when they get a bag. “That’s it
exactly,” he agrees. “Flexing is cool, but you’ve got to realize that young people
right now are struggling. They need rappers who are in their corner, who can rap
about being on top while also understanding what it’s like to have their credit
cards declined.”

Nemzzz is confident that Do Not Disturb is his best body of work yet; an
expectation that doesn’t feel misplaced. This new record – with all its earworm
hooks, raw, soulful trap production, and blunt bars – is more than capable of
cementing Nemzzz as a mainstream star. Whether this music propels him into
the upper echelon of mainstream UK Rap or not, Nemzz just hopes: “When
people hear these songs I want them to be able to vibe, get lit, dance, be happy,
but also know that there’s things that they can wind down, too. There’s even
songs that can be cried to, if you ever want to.”

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