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They Think It's All Sober

Jamie and Tom are two old friends who after over thirty (yes that’s right?!) combined years in the music industry decided to challenge their relationships with alcohol and drugs. After bumping into each other at an event, they started discussing both of their recent decisions to go sober, and most importantly, the incredible benefits they were experiencing. 9 months later, They Think It’s All Sober was born in June 2023. They Think It’s All Sober, is an honest, raw and authentic podcast interviewing celebrities, musicians and influences, discussing their stories of sobriety, what helped them and why they got there.

With guests such as Matt Willis (Busted), RØRY, Millie Gooch (Sober Girl Society), Dean McCullogh (Radio1), Sarah Turner (The Unmumsy Mum), Simon Thomas (Sky Sports) and more; the podcast flew out of the gates reaching the heights of #22 in the Apple Podcast Charts, as well as being featured in The Independent, Music Week and most recently on Radio 1. Jamie and Tom are also joined by David Gibbs, a sober psychotherapist who offers guided insight and the end of each episode.

The podcast doesn’t preach, no rights or wrongs, just an honest account of people changing and challenging their relationship with alcohol.

They Think It’s All Sober, it is now…

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