Justin Hawkins Rides Again

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If you like pontificating about music and culture, uncovering insights into how the music industry really works and witnessing a man chaotically conducting an evening of entertainment – Justin Hawkins Rides Again is for you. Bringing his popular YouTube show of half a million subscribers to the stage for the first time ever, Justin will be breaking down some of the most popular and unusual songs out right now, explaining why something is a hit and why something is quite frankly…a bit sh*t. He will also be posing some important questions that pertain to the world of music and culture, and with your help may bring about world peace by the end of the night.

There will also be an opportunity for you, an audience member, to have your song analysed by Justin on stage during a live music clinic. Can Justin produce a number one hit in one evening? We shall see.

After attending Justin Hawkins Rides Again you will be a better person, more musically knowledgeable and potentially more confused than you’ve ever been before. Come along and experience Justin Hawkins Rides Again…for the first time!

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