Jamie xx

Event Dates

Wednesday, 25 Sep

Alexandra Palace, London

Thursday, 26 Sep

00:00 AM

Alexandra Palace, London

Following the announcement of his new album, In Waves, Jamie xx has announced a 2nd headline show at London's Alexandra Palace on 25 September 2024 following a SOLD OUT show on 26 September.


If all art is magic, it’s most resonant when it merges into both the timeless forms and temporary frailties of existence. With In Waves, Jamie xx has conjured a spellbinding portal. He replicates the emotional crescendos and thrilling volatility of an almost mystical night out– one where you return home in the cigarette ash dawn, the specifics of the last eight hours already blurring, but aware that these feelings will remain a crystalline memory.

In Waves is a melancholy paradise of bliss, heartbreak, and introspection. The story of a journey where you merge into the divine pulse of shadows, light, and dancefloor rhythms. A strobelite epiphany about the illimitable possibilities and spiritual capacities of humanity. Nine years after his debut solo masterpiece, In Colour, the London producer has not only eclipsed the heights of its predecessor, he’s somehow made all supernatural adjectives and analogies seem understated.

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