Fancy Hagood

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Monday, 9 Sep

The Lower Third, London

Wednesday, 11 Sep

The Deaf Institute, Manchester

Don't miss Fancy Hagood live at The Lower Third in London and The Deaf Institute in Manchester! Experience Fancy Hagood's unforgettable show where he brings his unique country-alternative music flair. Get your tickets today!

Fancy Hagood has one of country music’s most expressive and agile voices, a fearless sense of storytelling, undeniable charisma, a strong artistic identity, and a support system packed with some of music’s biggest stars. He’s also one of Nashville’s most prominent and trailblazing Queer artists.

“I spent a lot of time in this industry with people trying to minimize my queerness because they don’t equate that to commercial success,” Hagood says. “It wasn’t until I quit trying to pander to people who were afraid of my queerness that I started to succeed.”

Hagood showcases his courageous creativity and individuality in his new single “Southern Sound” – the follow-up to his often autobiographic 2021 debut album Southern Curiosity.
“Southern Sound” piques interest with its layered melodic production and raw, compelling narrative. Hagood’s emotional vocal performance tips the track over the edge. The combination creates a sonic mini movie that follows a young couple as they brave adversity in hopes of building a future together.

“Southern Sound” continues a journey Hagood has been on since childhood. Born Jake Hagood in Bentonville, Arkansas, he grew up attending a Church of the Nazarene – just like three generations of his family before him. His parents raised him on contemporary Christian music and ‘90s county, singing along with Tim McGraw, Terri Clark, The Chicks and Garth Brooks.

He moved to Music City in 2009 to be a country singer. Closeted but flamboyant, he was starry-eyed and wanted to launch his music career. He got a job at Forever 21, which changed his life. The clothing store was not only one of the first places the singer found a supportive friend group and openly gay friends – it’s also where he picked up the name Fancy after a popular Drake song.

Hagood burst out of the closet in 2011. He died his hair platinum blonde, made sure his fingernails were painted and always wore a full face of makeup.

While his new persona empowered him, Hagood couldn’t get the Nashville music community to stop focusing on his sexuality long enough to notice his brand of country music. He moved to Los Angeles to try his luck in the more accepting pop music – and it worked. He played his first showcase and was offered label and management deals the next day. He toured with Ariana Grande and had an international hit with Grande and Meghan Trainor. His first pop single went Top 40, and he made the rounds on national television. However, without his Nashville support system, he was the most unhappy version of himself.

“My art is fed and driven by community because that’s when I’m at my happiest,” he says. “That’s when I’m at my best is when I’m just with the people I love. Los Angeles is a hard place to find that.”

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