Watch superfans meeting the artists they adore…

Published on 14th May 2014

Superfans go beyond being fans of an artist’s music. They are the ultra-dedicated fan, travelling miles to see a show, camping outside the venue with their hand-made banners, getting right to the front and singing every word to every song before returning back to their poster-lined bedroom in exhausted ecstasy with another ticket stub for their collection.

We love it when superfans and artists meet. Watch the videos below to see some incredible reactions of superfans coming face-to-face with the artists they love. Prepare to have a grin on your face for the next few minutes…


Backstreet Boys serenade one of their superfans at the airport:

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McFly pose as builders to fix an unsuspecting fan’s water:

Catch supergroup McBusted live this summer...



The Vamps meet and greet 2000 fans in Glasgow:

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Justin Bieber surprises a fan in her own home:


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