Trailer Park Boys add another London date to their hilarious UK Christmas tour!

Published on 29th September 2011

Since the first date has proved so fantastically popular, Trailer Park Boys will be adding another date to the London indigo2 leg of their raucous-yet-seasonal Christmas UK tour!

This will be on 11 December 2011 - tickets are on sale from here: Buy your ticket now to ensure you don't miss out on this one too!

The show will be a true treat for all TPB fans! When Bubbles tries to spread the true meaning of Christmas to the world, his good-hearted plans are botched by Julian wanting to cash in on the Festive season, and Ricky’s relentless pursuit to meet the real Santa. And if that wasn’t enough, all three of them have to deal with the very intoxicated Jim Lahey and his cheeseburger-eating sidekick, Randy.


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