RockNess 2nd Payment Tips

Published on 19th January 2011

Hi folks,

We’re heard through the grapevine that a few of you lovely RockNess payment planners have had a few problems paying your 2nd Payment Plan instalment.

So here’s some tips to help:

1)      You will have received a specific link from the email alert sent last week but please check your Order Confirmation of your first instalment to confirm which specific payment package you’ve ordered (this is sent from [email protected] if you want to search through your emails). All 2nd payment transactions must match your 1st payment.

2)      You can use the same link multiple times to pay if you’ve bought tickets on separate cards but you they NEED to be the same payment plan.

3)      Some of you have said that a couple of times the ticket link has frozen when you’ve gone to the cart. We’ve investigated and amended this so please refresh if it happens again or contact [email protected].

4)      You will receive a separate Order Confirmation email and order number when you complete the transaction.

Please, please, please remember that all 2nd instalments must be paid buy 1st February otherwise your tickets will not be valid.

Also, some of you have rightly asked “Why do I have to pay another booking fee?”  

The Booking Fee is capped at 10% on ALL tickets.  This booking fee is separated into 3 instalments for all payment plan transactions, so you guys are just paying a third of the booking fee in each payment.

Hope this helps and if you’ve still having problems or not received an email alert about this then contact [email protected] and they’ll get things sorted for you as quickly as possible.

Thanks for the feedback and we’ll look to develop this process to make it better for you guys in the future.

RockNess team


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