Musicians and haircuts...

Published on 6th March 2014

From the pompadour of Elvis to the spiked cut of Sid Vicious, notable haircuts have become an essential cornerstone of a musician’s image. Inspired by Pop Chart Lab’s “A Visual Compendium of Notable Haircuts in Popular Music,” we’ve made a few of our own. Can you guess the AEG artists by their barnets alone?


Short back and sides, please. Do you know who these stylish chops belong to? Find out HERE.


What do these dreads bring to mind? Do you know which current AEG artist owns these beauties? Find out HERE.


What about this lineup? Can you recognize the band using only their hair? Find out HERE. And finally, we love this hairstyle timeline of the fab four. See them lovingly recreated by the Bootleg Beatles in April. Tickets on sale HERE.




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