Greatest and most ridiculous drum moments!

Published on 30th January 2014

We've collected together our top 7 drum moments from the beat-creating, time-keeping drummers of the world. Get ready to be blown away by their percussive prowess, their incredible showmanship, and (in some cases) their explosive lunacy. We'd put good money on you not being able watch without tapping along...

This drummer is at the wrong gig...

Keith Moon explosion

Keith Moon's out of control drum explosion gave The Who a huge impact on live TV in US (it also knocked the network off air and perforated an ear drum).

Cadbury's gorilla

What do you get if you cross a bar of chocolate, a drumming gorilla and Phil Collins' iconic drum fill?

Rowan Atkinson invisible drummer

Rowan Atkinson comes across an invisible drum kit while sweeping. He's not too bad either!

Hans Zimmer 'Man of Steel soundtrack - 12 greatest drummers

What happens if you get the 12 greatest drummers and meld them into one giant machine of energy?

Amazing street drummer

Proving you don't need an expensive kit to be an amazing drummer, this guy gets incredible beats out of buckets...

Drum car

Just in case this explosive percussion series hasn't been high-octane enough for you, here's a drumkit going at 60mph


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