Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly announces show!

Published on 16th June 2017

Tickets on sale now here 

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly returns with a double A side single inspired by the imminent UK election and the global political events that shocked 2016. ‘Optimist’ / ‘National Health’ will be released digitally on 2nd June 2017 through Xtra Mile Recordings.

It’s Get Cape’s first release in 4 years, although the man behind the moniker, Sam Duckworth, has never really been away. From then until now he has been recording and releasing music under his own name (most recently releasing ‘Kingdoms’ earlier this year) and under the guise of Recreations with the fantastic socially conscious album ‘Baby Boomers 2’ released April 2016 – both on Xtra Mile Recordings.

And now, feeling the force of a ground-swelling movement for change, Get Cape is riding a wave of optimism. In his own words:

“Don’t let the people make you think, that just because you’re young, you’re useless.” I wrote those words back in 2006 when I was young, now I’m a little older, I still believe them. A funny thing is happening, a new generation of thinkers and crucially, doers, is coming through. Ones, who weren’t old enough to vote in 2015, alongside them is a wide range of people compelled to vote for the first time. Regardless of the result of this election, there will be an unprecedented turn out of first time voters.

Being a political artist has been a strange journey. One that saw my optimism plummet, due to a wide range of factors. The question “where are the political bands” right now, is redundant. They are everywhere. For ten years I wrestled with this very thing. Tagged as a political artist, I noticed the optimism morph into cynicism. Whilst musically I was improving, lyrically I was sounding down. Truth be told. I was down too. It’s urban fact that once you hit your 30s, you stop caring about what people think of you and once again I am a cliche. Turns out I’m always going to be “naive.” There is a belief in the air that positive change is possible, sadly as a result of international negative change, but there is at least hope. Where there is hope there is action, where there is action there is change.

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly is an anti fascist, hopeful project. I have always been anti facist, but recently I’ve began to hope again. It’s good to be back.”


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