Please Remain Seated – The Journey

In April 2017, we decided to record an alternative version of Love Walked In. We’d been asked to do it hundreds of times over the years, but we never felt good about the concept until then. At that point we’d made 11 studio albums, countless live albums, and made a fair few stripped back acoustic recordings.

Rather than just record a quiet acoustic version, Luke reimagined the song, basing it around the piano instead of the guitar, and added a recorder (like you do). This “destroy & rebuild - with less” experience made us wonder if we could repeat it with our other songs. We decided to convene a short demo session and everybody came in with a couple of song suggestions. The goal was to try the songs in any style we thought might work, and only record the ones we thought were interesting. Some of them had not been played since we originally recorded them back in 1876.

We set ourselves 3 rules: - work fast, don’t aim for perfection, and make it different to the original. Some songs fell together spontaneously and some took a series of strange left turns before ending up in a place none of us predicted.

The session was stimulating, frustrating, surprisingly fun, technically challenging, but ultimately very rewarding. We did another demo session a few months later, then having selected the ones we liked the best, we went back into the studio in summer 2018 and recorded the album for real.

We all played live in the room with Tim, Lara & Emily on the majority of the songs, and we brought in some guests to add some magic after the fact. To be honest it was pure chaos at times, but the vibe was absolutely amazing, so rather than attempt to edit the chaos, we left it in (well some of it). That’s why you can hear laughing, coughing, stuff getting dropped, and all manner of weird stuff in between the tunes (and in some cases within the tunes as well).

We hope it makes you feel like you could have been there.

Now you know the story, we invite you to “Please Remain Seated”, and immerse yourself in our strange journey into our own music.



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