Dan Whitlam

Event Dates

Sunday, 11 Feb

Exchange, Bristol

Tuesday, 13 Feb

YES, Manchester

Thursday, 15 Feb

Union Chapel, London

From Tiktok, where he narrates the lives of twenty-something-year-olds through rap and spoken word, to the stages of his London hometown, Dan Whitlam’s innate ability to encapsulate raw sentiment has sparked admiration far and wide.

Within Dan’s work, artists such as Fred again.. and Arlo Parks have praised his musical ability, while the fashion brand Hermes has titled him as their resident poet, further validating his magnetic presence.

By melding the power of spoken word with melodic nuances, Dan has formed a bond with his listeners, enveloping them in emotive narratives that linger long after the music fades. As Dan Whitlam’s influence grows, his dedication to meaningful endeavors solidifies his status as a rising luminary in the music industry.

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