Yusuf Islam

After quite an extraordinary break of 33 years, Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, returned to the stage in 2009.

The legendary singer/songwriter offered audiences a taste of his timeless hits, like Wild World, Father & Son and First Cut Is The Deepest, as well as music from his highly acclaimed newer albums, An Other Cup and Roadsinger.

"My songs always told a story, so it's natural for me to extend that into a stage musical form." Yusuf said. "It's taken a long time to arrive, but it's always been a dream of mine to write a musical. Growing up in the West End of London, surrounded by theatres and shows, obviously left a strong impression on me. I originally wanted to be a composer, not a pop star." Strange how it's taken almost a lifetime, but it had to - the story is somewhat a metaphorical mirror of my own journey, so I suppose it had to wait to reach where I am today."