Young Rebel Set

The Young Rebel Set performed at the Borderline, London in 2011 supported by Buildings and Broken Hands. Their story started in the northeast town of Stockton On Tees with Matty Chipchase, a singer and songwriter disillusioned with the posturing of post-Libertines, landfill indie - bands more concerned with getting wasted and the width of their trouser leg than saying something that can truly resonate.

 “Music’s timeless, you know,” explains Matty. “You shouldn’t need a glo stick or a fashion or a sense of identity to get into it. When you hear a good tune it shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure. That’s what Springsteen’s got, Dylan, The Clash – everybody’s into them, whether you’re a mod, rocker, whatever. It doesn’t matter.”

Quitting the group he was in, Matty set about writing songs on his own, “doing a Johnny Cash” with an acoustic guitar and putting into words the things that normally go unsaid - the heartbreak, love, dreams and fears that follow all of us through our lives – and turning them into songs that can outlive a generation. “If you don’t write a song from the heart how are you ever going to touch anyone else’s heart?” He says matter-of-factly.