2012 saw Tich become an online sensation. With ever growing popularity in the pop world, Tich spent the beginning of 2013 as a special guest on UK superstar Olly Murs’ 28-date UK arena tour, before embarking on her debut headline UK Tour with spectacular results. 

Most pop stars choose their monikers as a way of creating alter-egos, of hiding who they are behind fancy characters and distancing their audiences in the process. For 19-year-old Rachel Furner, aka Tich, aka emotional pop music's next big star, the opposite is true.

“The funny thing is my real name has always been Tich. I've been called it since I was 8, basically, because I was really short. I just got called it at first to take the mickey, but then I just flipped it and made it something positive. All the teachers started calling me it and I started to see the funny side of Tich, even though it was spelt wrong,” she laughs. While she performed under her birth name at first, something just didn't feel right. “I wasn't pretending with Rachel Furner but it was much more serious. I like to be young and I love young people and I love teenage girls' minds because they're so emotional.” 

Since the name change she's garnered attention from some of pop's biggest names, including X Factor winner James Arthur (he became a huge fan after seeing her live), The Wanted and One Direction, who both tweeted her praise after she covered their respective singles in her own front room, DIY-style, and posted them on YouTube.