The Rushes

Having just completed their debut album ‘Corners’ The Rushes , rounded off their 2008 UK tour by gracing the London’s Islington Bar Academy . They entertained the audiences of the Bar Academy Islington with their startling vocals and resonating vibes of Clapton and The Police.

Haling originally from Leeds, the two founding band members, Gerard O’Connell and Dan Armstrong, first met at a University football match. After hearing a song Gerard had written, Dan immediately realised the potential of a liaison; “It was like winning the lottery”.

Since that moment, The Rushes have encompassed the talents of James O’Connell on bass, Joe Allen on drums, and the quartet has been gaining from music critics everywhere.

From secret gigs-cum-parties in a rehearsal room by the railway tracks in North Clapham and playing two gigs a week in London pubs, word spread and The Rushes eventually ventured further afield. Not only were they invited to play at the Airwaves festival in Reykjavik and the uber-cool Latitude festival in Suffolk, but also performed on the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury before embarking ontheir ‘toilet tour’ of Britain’s finest scuzzy venues.