The Futureheads

The Futureheads have been together for a long time now. And we have the right to do something different.’

No one could argue with Barry Hyde about that. In just over eleven years, Barry (lead vocals, guitar), his brother Dave (drums, vocals), Ross Millard (guitar, vocals) and Jaff (bass, vocals) have established themselves as one of Britain’s most thrilling and durable guitar bands. They’ve made four albums – the explosive, barbed The Futureheads (2004); the elegantly miserable News And Tributes (2006); the re-energised, celebratory This Is Not The World (2008) and the expansive, troubled The Chaos (2010) – that make for a varied but unified back catalogue.

They’ve played hundreds of shows where their taut energy and barely-controlled fury blends with the natural audience rapport of Good Men, and makes sweaty, pogoing punters into FFF’s (Futureheads Fans Forever, of course). They’ve released the two most recent of their albums on their own Nul label, proving that DIY can and will make a band bigger, as well as reviving the true spirit of something called ‘indie’, something that used to actually mean something. And they’ve even, along with friends and neighbours Field Music and Frankie & The Heartstrings, established the Sunderland accent as a fresh and vital component in the DNA of the pop vocal.

AEG Live promoted The Futureheads for dates in 2008 and 2010 as well as adding them to the line up of the Barclaycard presents BST Hyde Park event series in 2013