Terri Clark

Female country artist Terri Clark played a string of UK dates in 2012. To the casual fan, Terri Clark is a staple when it comes to listing off female country artists they’ve heard of. For the rest of us, beyond the millions of albums sold and an innumerable amount of awards and recognition lies a resilient, real talent.

There is no other artist like Terri Clark. In the seemingly endless debate of “what’s country”, nobody will argue that Terri remains one of the most influential performers of our time. Even with all her success, you won’t hear her brag about it. “I love letting people know and see that I am just an everyday girl, with a not so every day job, but I don’t feel a “disconnect” with my audience just because I am on the stage… I feel like we are all there to have a great time, myself included, and usually, that is what happens.”