Stephen Marley

Stephen Marley performed at the Bristol Carling Academy in July 2008 showcasing songs from his debut album ‘Mind Control’. Stephen has been a reggae star since the age of seven, releasing his first single ‘Playing in the Streets’, alongside his siblings Ziggy, Cedella, Sharon; known collectively as the Melody Makers. The driving creative force behind his brothers’ music, his writing and production credits recently earned him 2 more Grammy awards giving him a total of five: more than any other Marley family member or reggae artist in history.

In 2007 Stephen released his first solo album. ‘Mind Control’ is a cornucopia of the sounds and styles that he loves: a blend of reggae, rock, R&B, nyabinghi rhythms, flamenco and hip-hop.   His album featured cameos from roots-rock star Ben Harper, hip-hop hero Mos Def and younger brother Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley. It's a collection of songs that range from conscious critiques of society "Mind Control" and politics "Chase Dem", to the sweet and open-hearted "Hey Baby," to the simple fun sexy, club-rocking, Latin-tinged grinder "Let Her Dance," featuring Maya Azucena & Illestr8.