Breaking onto the music scene and hailed as the UK’s hottest new boy band the future looks set to get faster, brighter and International for online music sensations OVERLOAD. Scouted from YouTube and named by their fans via their daily interaction on Twitter this organic and incredibly fast moving band are without doubt a hot contender for the No.1 spot for years to come. 

Trending on twitter daily and with a fanbase growing by the thousands each day the remainder of 2013 was a success for the UK four piece. Managed by Blair Dreelan the founder of Union J, this band have acquired over half a million hits on YouTube for their videos and have been trending DAILY. All in under 2 months. Their first meet and greet at Westfield drew over 700 fans with extra security having to be pulled in to meet the demand. This is the biggest boyband signing the shopping center has seen this year and lasted over 4 hours.