Born of Egyptian and Lebanese decent, NEeMA’s presence on and off stage is as powerful and charismatic, as her voice is honest and unique. She has traveled extensively, having shared time with the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa, having worked with street children in Egypt, as well as having had the privilege of working with the Tribal Elders of Wekweti, an isolated First Nation community in northern Canada. No doubt these experiences helped her develop the ability to communicate her stories through poetry and song, focusing on those themes that are dear to the human heart.

Leonard Cohen has said of NEeMA, “in the midst of all the static, a voice of true feeling arises - a rare event!” Cohen also drew the portrait of NEeMA that serves as the album’s cover art. The album was mixed and partially recorded at Pierre Marchand’s studio in Montreal. He has described NEeMA as “an inspiring presence” adding, “her evocative lyrics and warm voice paint beautiful, timeless stories and portraits.”