Josh Flowers & The Wild

Josh Flowers & The Wild infuse searing blues vocals with organic folk musicality, and raw rock and roll sensibilities.

The London-based five-piece are fronted by esoteric frontman Josh Flowers, whose evocative lyrics and bucolic image organically compliment the rustic quality of band’s inimitable ingenuity and sound.

The band’s high energy live performances grip audiences with sumptuous vocal harmonies, permeated by Josh’s transition from passive, opulent folk-inspired tones to a blues-ridden, blistering growl. Josh’s multi-faceted musicality is effortlessly complimented, and mirrored by the inspired musicianship alongside him. The result is a flawlessly in-tune performance, both aurally and visually, that feels as fluently natural as it does scrupulously rehearsed.

"Amazing vocals, contagious beats and a mischievous set full of fun and enjoyment. Josh Flowers & The Wild clearly love what they do, and they aren’t the only ones. Josh Flowers & The Wild had the crowd in a folk induced frenzy." - The Grapevine Music