John Newman

Rising star John Newman embarked on a UK tour in January 2014. The tour followed his massive number 1 single “Love Me Again”, and equally rousing follow-up “Cheating” with the release of his hotly anticipated debut album ”Tribute”. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind his debut album and the title in particular Newman says “I was going through a pretty bad break up, while I was making the album, and I felt the title really needed to resonate. This record is a culmination of my life to this point, it’s who I am and I wanted to thank everyone who has helped, supported, loved me and been an inspiration to me. And then it hit me “Tribute”, a tribute to all the family and friends, the relationships, the people involved in being part of my musical life, and also a tribute to all the amazing musical influences who have inspired me, and continue to inspire me since I was a kid. I’m so proud of this album, it expresses me as a producer, as a songwriter and an artist, and I can’t wait for people to hear it.”