Foreign Slippers

Swedish songstress Gabi Fröden quietly dropped her clarinet for the charms of her mother’s old piano at age 14. Snowbound in a small town, she learned to pluck out songs on a rattly guitar and would sing harmony along with her brothers to pass the long winter evenings. 

Caught up in creaking tales of longing and mortality, Foreign Slippers (aka Gabrielle Froden) makes music of unnerving beauty. Hailing from Norrkoping, Sweden her captivating debut EP, ‘Oh Death’ was absorbing and effortless in it’s warmth. Stories of love, death and bad dreams rest as uneasy bed-fellows here. It's followup, her debut album "Farewell to the old ghostscaptures a flourishing chemistry wiith her band as it whisks us from ”It all starts now”’s infectious rush of optimism to the eerie vampire blues of ”There is dead inside”. Pindrop pathos gives way to playful pop - these are songs to both haunt and hold you.

Her voice is unique in all the very best ways - expect haunting lullabies drawing on folk & gospel - and to miss her is to miss a treat. And probably an amazing hat.

In her own words, ”I always loved the sound my boots made when I walked in the snow and I’ve always tried to capture little moments in my songs but on the new record it felt natural to make music that was uplifting.” 

Foreign Slippers has toured with Aqualung, Duke Special and Beth Rowley amongst others.