Electric Soft Parade

Electric Soft Parade performed at the Hoxton Bar & Grill in 2011. It was exactly a decade since the White brothers' otherworldly debut single, 'Silent To The Dark', announced their arrival. In just under ten minutes of twisting and turning technicolour pop, The Electric Soft Parade redefined (as The Beatles, Queen and Robert Wyatt had before them) the notion of 'hit-single-as-art-statement'. And so began the life of this most colorful, most English of bands.

Since those heady young days of 2001, Thomas and Alex have been involved in the production of no less than fifteen albums - whether working as ESP, as producers or as hired hands, the brothers have ploughed a consistently quaint sonic furrow, depicting a sepia-tinted England where the sun is always just behind a cloud and the girls never sing out of key. Chord-changes are often part of it.