Dirty Vegas

Ready to capture the international dance floor once again, ELECTRIC LOVE marked the explosive return of legendary electronic act DIRTY VEGAS in 2011. 

After touring the world on the strength of two albums, two film scores, and an international dance hit that snagged a Grammy, the trio (Steve Smith and the non-related Ben Harris and Paul Harris) parted ways in 2005 to work on individual projects and just to take a breather. 

“Being in a band is like a heavy relationship, and we just needed that big break,” explains Steve Smith. “We also needed to take time to become music fans again and send each other music and get excited about things.” 

Without the pressures of a recording contract or label executives issuing directives, the trio found a fresh kind of positivity when DIRTY VEGAS reformed four years later. What started as a single experiment in the studio soon blossomed into something more profound and special than a second wind: A brand-new beginning, and a first taste of true musical freedom, the hard-to-articulate, but easy-to-feel sound that pulses throughout ELECTRIC LOVE.