Barbara Streisand

AEG Live UK was proud to bring Barbra Streisand’s first every tour of continental Europe and return to the UK after 13 years in 2007.

The European tour, which her many fans had been eagerly anticipating for years, visited Austria, France, Ireland and the UK and following the success of her record-breaking US tour in 2006. More tour dates in additional countries will be announced shortly.

A 58 piece orchestra accompanied Ms Streisand as she performed many of the classic songs from her unique repertoire such as “Evergreen”, “People”, “The Way We Were”, “Don’t Rain on My Parade” and many more.

US critics were unanimous in their praise for the US tour concerts

“Once or twice a generation there comes a personality that just fills the room. Sinatra was like that, so was Elvis and so is Barbra Streisand.”
Journal Sentinel

“Her singing glows with a tone so luxurious and a texture so rich, you nearly want to burst into song yourself.”

New York Daily News